Welcome, and watch this space.

Welcome, and watch this space.

Thanks for checking out our new website and this inaugural post to our forum.

Perhaps it’s a bit unusual that, having launched Alliant in January 2017 and hard at work on a backlog of transactions, we’re just now letting the broader world take a peek at our firm.

After all, with an unending number of social, mobile and legacy channels to promote one’s business, no one would have looked askance if we went all-in on PR campaigns right out of the gate.  It’s almost kind of expected.

That’s not our style, though.  There won’t be an Alliant app that delivers on-demand bankers to you at home, either.  Color us old-school.

And while we’ll use this space and other channels to keep everyone posted on our activities (i.e. closed deals and other triumphs,) we intend to use our commentary more as a forum to share some of what we’re seeing and hearing—ideas and observations fed through the prism of our many years serving technology entrepreneurs.

We’ll synthesize lessons learned while working on transactions or advice that may sharpen one’s thinking or challenge the conventional wisdom.

Hopefully, we’ll encourage discussion and spirited interaction on topics that can help companies and their investors place themselves in the best position to achieve success in strategic transactions.  Sometimes, we’ll simply share a war story or a laugh.

Getting Alliant’s website live was a lot of fun but also a deliberate process.  We think deliberate is a great adjective to describe M&A processes in the current environment.  Not just deliberate in terms of sellers making a conscious decision to start a process, but deliberate in the broadest sense of the word.  We’ll explain more soon.

Until then, please let us know what’s on your mind.  Hit us up on Twitter @alliant_ib, Linkedin or at info@www.apib.com.  We’d love to engage with you!