A new firm. A familiar name.
A timeless philosophy.

A new firm.
A familiar name.
A timeless philosophy.


Alliant Partners brings (back) together a team of colleagues in a new venture—one that borrows from Silicon Valley history for its name. One of our founders, Jim Kochman, founded and operated the original Alliant Partners, eventually selling that firm to Silicon Valley Bank.

Alliant then, and now, is a technology-centric investment banking and advisory firm known as much for its creativity, grit and results as for its straightforward, thoughtful and plain-spoken advice.

We can’t think of a better set of characteristics for Alliant 2.0 — or ourselves.

And the world needs another boutique M&A advisory firm because….?

It doesn’t.

And we didn’t set out to create just another firm.

We set out to build a lasting practice that embraces a simple philosophy that, over time, seems to get diluted: that every M&A and capital raising transaction–and the stakeholders involved–are unique. Each deserves personalized attention from a ridiculously hands-on team of experienced professionals.

Over the years, we’ve learned that middle-market transactions for technology companies can be among the most challenging deals to complete; they are not for the faint of heart, nor are they suitable for on-the-job learning. Experience matters, and we’ve not only seen the movie many times; we’ve written large portions of the script.

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that our clients deserve at least as much commitment, passion and tenacity from their bankers as they have for their own companies.


Most investment banks would use this portion of their website to share their special, unique and proprietary process — the mythical black box, if you will.

However, we know that no two deals are alike. The objectives, challenges and requirements of each stakeholder are different and, at times, unaligned. Alliant’s bankers listen first. We take the time to understand your markets, technology, products, business and challenges—both internal and external. We work with you to define what success looks like for you and build a bespoke strategy optimized to achieve your unique goals.

We don’t have a process. We have your process.


We listen. We synthesize an approach and strategy that is unique to your circumstances and is designed to tilt the odds in your favor.

We communicate. We run an open-book operation. Throughout an engagement, we provide our clients with complete transparency and near-real time feedback.

We maintain control. Whether it is the mechanics and timing of a due diligence process or making sure all parties remain focused on outcomes, our team will be intimately involved at all times.

We remember who the client is. We work for you. We are, first and foremost, trusted business advisors, counselors and truth-tellers.

We persist. Challenges, unexpected developments or just plain bad luck are pretty much a given. When the road slopes upward, we keep going.


We won’t waste time. We come prepared and focused. We avoid creating long, prosaic marketing documents that, at best, aren’t read and at worst, provide too much information too soon.

We won’t take on a high volume of projects. We don’t play a “numbers” game, satisfied with low batting averages. We are measured on success and client references.

We won’t provide you with advice that we would not take ourselves. We recognize that the decisions you’ll face are tough and important. We put integrity above fees.

We won’t leave the work to others. Legal, business and accounting consultants are valuable and necessary parts of the transaction team, but the buck stops with us.


Our team has deep experience across the entire spectrum of investment banking and advisory services, but we focus on a few core transaction types within select industries. We are specialists—by choice.

A wise man named Vin once said that focus is knowing what you're not doing.
Actually, Vin said that often; like we said, he's a wise man.

We operate in the middle market.

Our clients range from venture-backed start-ups to publicly traded category leaders.

For these large organizations, we support internal corporate development efforts targeted at the middle market.

If this describes you, let’s talk, especially if any of the following are on your mind:

• Buy- and sell-side mergers and acquisitions;
• Private equity and debt capital raising;
• Buy-outs and recapitalizations;
• Asset sales and corporate divestitures;
• Corporate development strategy and execution;
• Board and special committee advisory; and
• Cross-border transaction advisory.

We’ve successfully partnered with companies in nearly every corner of the technology industry, so chances are, we have direct, relevant experience in your market.  Key areas of focus for us include:

Enterprise software and SaaS

Contact center infrastructure

Wireless communications

Storage/data center infrastructure

B2B and B2C commerce

Education Technology

Information Security

Semiconductors and capital equipment

Medical Devices

Data &  telecom networking


Industrial technology

Doing something brand-new and totally disruptive? Cool! We are fast-learners and welcome the opportunity to help define new sectors, applications and business models.


We’ll get to our resumes and backgrounds in a moment. Beyond experience and credentials, our team shares a few common traits that we think help us to be better advisors to our clients.

We have backgrounds and experience as operators. Alliant’s leadership team has held senior executive positions in technology companies. We, like you, have had to manage people, hit budget and deliver on commitments. We are also passionate about learning…learning about technology, people, new ideas…everything.


Managing Director
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Managing Director
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We also like dogs (the furry kind).


Alliant’s professionals have worked with and for many the technology industry’s leading companies and financial sponsors. Some of our recent work includes transactions involving the following organizations.

Selected Recent Transactions

Has been acquired by

December 2021

Has been acquired by

October 2021


Has been acquired by

May 2021

Has sold certain assets to

May 2020


Has been acquired by

November 2020

Has received a growth equity investment from

August 2019

Has been recapitalized by a

Private Investor Group

August 2018

Has been acquired by

August 2018

Has been acquired by

July 2018

Has acquired

April 2018

Has been acquired by

December 2017



Alliant Partners
2765 Sand Hill Road, Suite 210
Menlo Park, CA 94025

(650) 453-0200

What’s your company’s MVFP?

It’s a common, exasperated refrain heard all the time from startups: “How did XYZ company manage to raise that much venture capital at that valuation? Our product/technology is 10 times better!”…  [read more]




    Managing Director

    Been in investment banking since: 1991Education:  BSME, University of Illinois and MBA, University of Chicago.  

    Places worked before Alliant Partners:  Pagemill Partners, Alliant Partners (1.0), CEO of 2
    venture-backed start-ups and FMC Corporation.

    Memorable Transactions: Over 25 years, too many to list, but a few M&A and private
    placements stand out:

    • Sale of Beatport to SFX
    • Sale of Kana to Accel KKR
    • Sale of KOR Electronics to Mercury Systems
    • Sale of Exact Bid to Spectrum Equity
    • Acquisition of SVOX on behalf of Nuance Communications
    • Acquisition of Persay on behalf of Nuance Communications
    • Private Placements for Quickflix and MCor Technology
    • Sale of Giro Sport Design to Bell (clearly not technology, but a great experience)
    • Sale of Orincon Technology to Lockheed Martin
    • Sale of Ziatech to Intel

    Industries expertise: Software/SaaS, Communications Equipment, Wireless Infrastructure,
    Semiconductors, Data Networking, Business Services, Industrial Technology, Mobile/Wearable Technology, Contact
    Center Infrastructure, B2B/B2C eCommerce, Aerospace & Defense.

    Favorite part of being a banker:  The constant learning, meeting great people and making
    friends for life.The best moment on a deal for me is: When you get a deal closed.   This is also the worst
    moment for me, believe it or not.  

    What makes me good at my job:  My unrivaled experience from closing over 200 transactions, my
    operating experience, my education as an engineer, the constant desire to learn, the respect for my clients
    (unfortunately, an uncommon trait in our industry) and my integrity.

    Best thing a client ever said about me (to my face or otherwise): “Don’t hire Kochman if you
    are not serious about getting your transaction consummated and are just testing the market.  He gets everything

    In my next life, I want to be: An investment banker.   Again.

    I wish I had more time to: Take on more mandates. Who needs hobbies when we have the privilege
    of serving clients?

    The Sopranos or the Wire:  The Sopranos. I grew on the West Side of Chicago.

    Favorite Quote: "I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."

    - Thomas Jefferson

    *Registered Representatives of BA Securities, LLC


    Managing Director

    Been in investment banking since: 1992

    Education:  BA and MA, Stanford University.

    Places worked before Alliant Partners:  ThinkEquity, Pagemill Partners, CSFB Technology Group and Volpe Brown Whelan.  Also, two senior operating roles: Echopass Corporation and Blurb, Inc.

    Memorable Transactions: Over 25 years, too many to list, but a few M&A, public offerings and private placements stand out:

    • IPO, follow-on and M&A advisory for Avid Technology
    • IPO of Echelon Corporation
    • Sale of IMP to Sun Microsystems
    • Follow-on and M&A advisory for Newport Corporation
    • IPO, Follow-on and convertible debt offerings for Efficient Networks
    • Private Placements for Echo360, Xoom (PayPal) and Echopass (Genesys Labs)
    • M&A Advisory for Presidium Learning (Blackboard)
    • M&A Advisory for Echopass as member of management
    • Three casino financings (not tech, but very memorable!)

    Industries expertise: Software/SaaS, Communications Equipment, Wireless Infrastructure, Semiconductors, Data Networking, Education Technology, Business Services, Industrial Technology, Mobile/Wearable Technology, Renewable Energy, Contact Center Infrastructure, B2B/B2C eCommerce

    Favorite part of being a banker:  Non-stop learning.

    The best moment on a deal for me is: When you get to yes.

    What makes me good at my job:  Curiosity, being a quick-study and equal parts calm demeanor, integrity and competitiveness.

    Best thing a client ever said about me (to my face or otherwise): “You’re a grinder and I want you in my foxhole…but more for your sense of humor.

    In my next life, I want to be: A Formula One driver.

    I wish I had more time to: indulge my hobbies—skiing, biking, guitar, cooking, wine and the Big Green Egg.

    The Sopranos or the Wire:  The Wire

    Favorite Quote: “When you are going through Hell, keep going.”  Winston Churchill.

    *Registered Representatives of BA Securities, LLC